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Equipping Businesses with Commercial Kitchens and More

Plumbing system

As a business owner or commercial property owner, you have enough on your plate without having to deal with your building’s plumbing needs. To keep your customers, employees and tenants happy, Courtenay Plumbing has got you covered. With a team of certified journeymen, we’re able to provide commercial services for:

  • Tenant improvement – in existing commercial buildings, we can provide installation and alteration of plumbing for new businesses.
  • New construction – if you’re interested in outfitting your property with environmentally friendly plumbing solutions or you need help with basic plumbing requirements, we can assist you with light commercial plumbing jobs. 
  • Commercial kitchens – whether you need a commercial kitchen for your restaurant, cafeteria or food preparation business, we can outfit you with a plumbing system to handle your heavy-duty demands.

At Courtenay Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most prompt and professional services possible. We return all calls within 24 hours and we’ll never leave you hanging when you make an appointment with us. For plumbing services that follow WCB regulations and are privately insured, call us today !

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