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Are your poly-b pipes degrading, cracking or causing severe leaks? Courtenay Plumbing can fix all your fixing problems. Our contractors are experienced and have the expertise to replace poly-b pipes for your residential or commercial buildings. We offer complete water distribution piping replacement, including braided stainless steel supply line and quarter turn shut-off valves.

What Is Poly-B?
A large group of houses which was built during the early 1970s was installed with Poly B systems. It was a cheap alternative for traditional copper piping and would save installation time during construction.

Why Replace Poly-B?
Despite the cheaper price and the easy method of installation, poly-b pipes have a lot of drawbacks. Leaks, hairline cracks, irregular water pressures, loose fittings, and mold issues are very commonly found.

Our plumbers are trained and have the license to replace Poly B pipes. Get in touch with us to get your poly b pipes replaced today!

Looking for Plumbers to Replace Poly-B?

Our skilled plumbers have the expertise to resolve your piping problems.

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